Pioneering Diversity in Clinical Trials

Since inception, Jumo Health’s mission has remained the same – to ensure all patients, regardless of education level, language, age, or cultural background, have access to trustworthy, relatable, and understandable medical resources to make more informed personal healthcare decisions.

We share real patient experiences through authentic storytelling, helping patients see themselves in the clinical trial journey. By prioritizing representation in all our materials, we help establish trust and inspire action to participate in clinical trials.

Operation Catalyst

At Jumo Health, we believe in the power of diversity to transform healthcare. Our health equity initiative, Operation Catalyst, is a testament to this belief, aiming to revolutionize clinical trial education, recruitment and retention. We are committed to inclusivity and understand that true health equity can only be achieved when everyone is represented.

Our community partnerships

Building Trust with Authenticity

Through various community partnerships and an extensive network of more than 2,000 Religious, Social, Government, and Community-based Organizations (RSGCOs), we’re not just reaching out – we’re building grassroots relationships through a foundation of trust. Our approach combines culturally-informed educational materials and community-based action to address historical mistrust to bring about meaningful change. From partnering with the U.S. government on Operation Warp Speed, to our current collaborations with industry, sponsors and the community, our outreach work is marked by a relentless pursuit of equality in healthcare.

Educate, engage, empower

We believe in the transformative power of personal stories. By hosting educational events and creating relatable resources, we are engaging with traditionally underserved communities in a continued effort to listen, learn, and inform our commercial customers. Our live community sessions permit the creation of local community action boards and provide the platform for honest dialogue, where real-life narratives inform our product strategy.

Meet the council

CARES and CEO Councils

The CARES Council and CEO Council are the cornerstones of our outreach. Comprising faith-based leaders, healthcare professionals, and community advocates, these internal groups are instrumental in connecting Jumo Health and its customers with communities and amplifying access to clinical trials.

At Jumo Health, we're relentless in our pursuit of health equality. Join us in this revolution, as we embrace differences, celebrate diversity, and change the face of healthcare, together.
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